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‐ An asphalt processor

Asphalt and Petroleum Odor Control Case Studies

Asphalt and Petroleum Odor Control Case Studies


[asphalt, coal tar emulsion, roofing, mercaptan and petroleum odors)

A company uses truckloads of 4,000-5,000 gallons of hot liquid asphalt. They pour one half gallon of our custom-blended super concentrated liquid into each truckload to eliminate odors. Management reports that the product works perfectly and odors have decreased from a rating of 10 to 0. COST: $636/yr.

An asphalt plant in North Carolina adds one gallon of our liquid odor neutralizer to 5500 gallons of asphalt. This has removed all odors on the property. COST: $1500/yr.

A company in the petroleum industry has odors from storage tanks and around the plant. They had ethyl mercaptan and isopropyl mercaptan odors. Since spraying Odor Control’s liquid and hanging Odor Control’s odor neutralizing granules in sleeves, they have report having no or a barely discernable odor around the plant. Cost: $12,150/yr.

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