“We were thoroughly impressed with the way it works.”

‐ A food manufacturing wastewater supervisor 

Food Processing Odor Control Case Studies

Food Processing Odor Control Case Studies


[slaughterhouses, food manufacturing, reefer trucks, petfood manufacturing, food waste)

A customer who processes seafood uses our granules (10813G) near the four 30-yard containers that hold seafood waste materials. He sprinkles one pint of granules around the containers every month. Odor problems decreased from a rating of 10 to 0. COST: $250/yr.

A poultry slaughterhouse in California uses powder (10175P) to combat odors around the facility and in the lobby. Pedestrians walking past the business think the building is the headquarters, not the slaughterhouse, because there is no odor outside or in the lobby where customers do business. COST: $2000/yr.

After unloading a reefer trailer the remaining food waste caused bad odors for one of our customers. They now wash out the trailers using two ounces of odor neutralizing granules (10411G). The process is repeated for every load. All odors are eliminated. COST: $100/yr.

Free samples and test program available to most customers.