“Yes it did! It was on test use 4 weeks in one department store energy waste container. I just got reply that it worked well.”

‐ A customer in Finland 

Dumpster, Trash Room and Compactor Odor Control Applications (garbage odors and food waste odors)

Dumpsters, Trash room and Compactor Odor Control Case Studies

Free samples and test program available to most customers.


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A Chinese food restaurant in Texas had problems with decomposing food and chicken bones in their dumpster. They sprinkled a small amount of granules (10131G) into the dumpster every day.

A food center utilizes a 40-yard dumpster behind the store. To keep odors at bay, they use 2 ounces of odor neutralizing granules (10410G) every time the container is dumped. COST: less than $100/yr.

A business park has four very large dumpsters which are emptied once a week. Each dumpster has a one gallon bottle of super concentrated liquid (10160WS) attached to the inside where the liquid neutralizer is released on a timer system. This has eliminated all odors. The business park used one gallon per dumpster per year. COST: $383/yr.

Please Note: Our dumpster granules are 2 to 5 times stronger than other dumpster deodorizers. Buy our granules only if your garbage is NOT picked up daily or every other day.

Granules from $13 to $21 per pound plus shipping.  Call 480-488-2126

“...only product that has worked. [We have been buying a liquid from another company and have bought their granules which are less expensive, but they don't work]”

‐ An Innkeeper 

“[Granules] are working like a charm.”

‐ Owner of a restaurant