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‐ A golf resort executive 

Golf Course & Grounds Maintenance Odor Control Case Studies

Golf Course and Grounds maintenance Odor Control Case Studies


[grass clippings, oil and water separators, ferilizers, ponds]

A customer cuts grass for a golf course and hauls the trimming to a landfill. He adds granules (10160G) to the green waste to control odors. The customer has described the granules as working great and fine. He went from buying 25 pounds to 100 pounds at a time to reap the benefit of cost savings. COST: $635/year.

Odors from an oil and water separator prompted a golf course to contact us. He uses our product 10411WS to combat the odors. At first he had trouble determining a dilution rate but once that problem was solved he now repeatedly tell us the product, “works great,” it “does the job.” He also reports that he uses the product “sparingly” and “uses little,” and he is “glad to hear the shelf life is long.” COST: less than $100/yr.

A grounds maintenance specialist works with a urea based nitrogen fertilizer that leaves a slight ammonia odor. He dilutes 3 ounces of our 10189WS into 600 gallons of water and sprays the solution to treat the odors. COST: $500/yr.

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