“so I tried everything (as a spray, not an additive), big orange, citrus masking agents, Pinesol, Lysol, bleach and other assorted products which did not work. I spent a lot of time researching the odor problems and methods of controlling them, I then contacted Odor Control and talked to Barbara Lang and asked for and got samples of different odor barrier products. Let me tell you, I fell in love with 10195WS citrus/floral. This stuff really works. Mix 2 oz. in a spray bottle, couple of sprays before opening and a couple more directly into the trap and the odor is tapped.”

‐ A State grease trap inspector 

Grease Odor Control Case Studies

Grease Odor Control Case Studies


[grease traps, grease pumping)

A pumping company cleans grease traps for their customers. To control odors during the pumping process, they spray our super liquid concentrate (10195WS), which is diluted one part concentrate to 100 parts water, into the air around the trucks using a one gallon hand sprayer. As a service to their customers, they add some of the diluted odor neutralizer to the grease trap. COST: $4800/yr.

While processing grease (separating oil and water) and storing the waste product in holding tanks, neighbors of a processing plant had complained of offensive odors. The company uses our super liquid concentrate (10410WS), diluted one part concentrate to 100 parts water, and sprays the solution into the air with three misting fans, Odor problem is solved. COST: $2700/yr.

In Oregon, a Mexican food restaurant had odorous grease traps and drains. They tried and liked the citrus floral blend but prefer to use the stronger apricot scented super concentrated liquid. The owners report that odors decreased from an 8 on a 10- scale down to 0, no detectable odors. COST: less than $100/yr.

Free samples and test program available to most customers.