“We have had the best year ever (2006). We did not have one odor complaint this year in 105 degree weather.”

‐ A transfer station 

Landfill Odor Control And Other Solid Waste Applications (garbage, transfer stations, recycling and composting)

From a Landfill who chose liquids to control their odors

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Odor neutralizer being sprayed through our nozzle system

Sleeves filled with odor neutralizing granules hanging on the fence

A landfill has leachate odors. Since 2008 the people operating the landfill have been using Odor Control Co.’s products. In 2010 we were told that they think our products are the "cheapest and easiest to use."  

From a Landfill who chose Solids to control their odors

A landfill reported that they had mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide odors. For the last 15 years they have been buying Odor Control Co.’s products and have no more odor problems. They hang sleeves, filled with odor neutralizing granules, every 10 feet along the fence line.  They are so pleased with the success of the odor controlling products that they have referred other landfills to Odor Control Co.