The granules and liquids are doing a great job." ...Had tried another product that was cheaper but it didn't  work."..."uses very little at a time”

‐ A municipal waste water treatment plant

Lift Station Odor Control

From a Municipal WWTP who chose liquids to control their Lift Station odors

Free samples and test program available to most customers.




Odor neutralizer being sprayed through our nozzle system

Sleeve filled with odor neutralizing granules hanging on a fence

A customer since 1998, a municipal sewer facility buys infrequently because they only use the products occasionally. They spray our odor neutralizing liquid at a lift station. To handle odors around the plant, they hang sleeves  with odor controlling granules. They “use little but it works great.”

From a Public Utility who chose Solids to control their Lift Station odors

A public utility has wastewater odors. They have tried many masking agents to eliminate odors emitting from their lift station. Several years ago, they availed themselves to our test program. They sent us a sample of their odorous water and we found the best odor neutralizer for their needs. They hang sleeves filled with granules. They report that the product works well and Odor Control Co provides great service.