Things you may want to know


If you see a huge price difference on bids, invariably the lower priced product is diluted with water prior to being shipped to you.



If a product doesn’t work, please tell us or any of your suppliers. You are either using the wrong product, which can be changed, or you may have to alter the way you are using the product. 

Remember- we have a test program to make sure you have an effective odor controlling product.

Most of the information on a SDS is the same as it always was. Most of the extra wording and foreboding changes really deal with large chemical spills that might occur if a trailer load or ship load were be dumped onto the ground or into the sea.

There are numbers next to the category and toxicity that range from 1 to 4; the higher the number, the lower the risk.

What is on the label is most important. The new labels are great for all of us. Diamonds require more attention than a warning statement. An absence of diamonds and warning statements means the safer the product. Always consult the SDS for the safest way to handle the product.

Free samples and test program available to most customers.