“Being never fully satisfied with products we tried, and one day having run out, a small amount of 7 year old “Evergreen 10160) stored in an enclosed pail (left over from a temporary 2001 application) was used on a partial loading of screenings and grit on our dump truck. PERFECT! The usual stink was fully masked by use of only a sprinkle on the load which resulted in a pleasant odor throughout the pant. It may have worked for a month on that load but we needed it just overnight.”

‐ Chief Operator at a municipal wwtp

Waste Water  Odor Control Applications

(Sludge odors, sewer gas odors , hydrogen sulfide odors (H2S odors), and other sewage smells

From a wastewater treatment operator who chose to use liquids to control his H2s odors

Free samples and test program available to most customers.




A customer has 2 sludge decant basins that are 20 feet away from neighbors. He mounted some nozzles on the tanks and sprays the odor controlling liquid (10410WS) to eliminate the odors. He said, “We have received guaranteed samples from other companies but Odor Control Co.’s products are the best.” To eliminate their hydrogen sulfide and methane smells, this customer has spent $400 on spray equipment. COST: $4400/yr. for the odor neutralizer.

A privately owned waste water treatment plant (wwtp) serves 200 homes. The plant is housed in an enclosed structure. A couple of years ago, the roof collapsed and the owner decided to leave it opened.  This small residential sewer plant uses about one to two pails of odor controlling granules and 25 sleeves per year. We are told that the product “works great.”

From a wastewater treatment operator who chose to use Solids to control his Sewer odors

Odor neutralizing liquid being sprayed from our nozzle system 

Sleeve filled with our neutralizing granules hanging on a fence